What is GeoBlends?

GeoBlends Natural Organic Herbal Remedies

GeoBlends is a herbal wellness and chemical-free beauty company based in Olean, NY, USA. We offer solutions so moms can spend time with their families and do what they love rather than being prisoners to their symptoms. GeoBlends offers products to help relieve symptoms and to provide all-natural skincare and bath and body products.

The CEO is Brenda Deming, who has several titles – mother, wife, sister, friend, and has added CEO and Master Herbalist to the list. She loves teaching others about the benefits of herbs, essential oils, and other natural ingredients to support health and well-being since 2014, when she started learning how amazing natural products are.

In 2019, she created GeoBlends because she saw that many people needed to supplement their wellness to do more things that they enjoy rather than being held prisoner by their symptoms. She developed products to help with pain, sleepless nights, aging skin, dry skin, menstrual cramps, and more! 

GeoBlends handcrafts herbal products in small batches to supply you with premium quality goods. Not only do they allow you to enjoy each day to the maximum extent possible, but they also help with skincare!

Most products are herbal infused oil blends with some essential oils added. The blends include various parts of the herb, including the flower, root, and leaf. The herbs are measured out carefully, and then a carrier oil is added to the mixture to complete the process. 

After a few days to a few weeks, the oil begins to take on the characteristics of each plant. Afterward, the herbs are filtered, leaving a powerful oil that contains just the finest herbs, which you may absorb via your skin. 

Some of our herbal infusion blends are:

Menstrual Cramp Relief Oil

The Oh No Flo menstrual cramp relief oil not only helps with cramps but also relieves nausea. Make your next period nausea-free and pain-free with this oil. 

Here’s the list of natural ingredients that help with menstrual cramps:

● Peppermint

● Red Raspberry

● Copaiba Essential Oil

● Lemon Balm

● Yarrow

The good news about this oil is that: it can be used – even for stomach discomfort. So, men and women alike can use this oil whenever required.

Skintastic Balm

Flaky, dry, or even chapped skin is anything but comfy, which is why we have this skin repairing balm.

The balm contains the following:

● Sunflower oil

It aids in the retention of moisture in the skin as well as skin regeneration. Sunflower oil includes vitamins A, B, D, and E as well as omega 9 fatty acids.

● Beeswax

It is a humectant, which means it draws water to the skin and keeps it hydrated and soothing skin irritations. It is a natural moisturizer.

● Castor Oil

Castor oil restores moisture to the skin, stimulates the production of naturally occurring collagen, which softens and moisturizes the skin, and nourishes the skin.

● Vitamin E

It aids in the reduction of the appearance of dark spots and the combating of free radicals.

Ache Escape Sleep Formula

Having difficulty sleeping due to pain is a frustrating and unpleasant experience. You get poor quality sleep at night, which leaves you feeling exhausted in the morning and unable to maintain any energy during the day. 

Afterward, no matter how exhausted you are at night, you continue to have difficulty falling asleep because of the pain.

The good news is that GeoBlends offers a formula that will help with nighttime pain relief and improve sleep quality. The balm does so due to the presence of these ingredients:

Magical Ingredient List-

● Arnica

● Lavender

● Lemon Balm

● Copaiba Essential Oil

● Passionflower

● Valerian

● Feverfew

● Hops

● Calendula

● Marjoram Essential Oil

● Cedarwood Essential Oil

● St. John’s Wort

● Sunflower Oil

● Vitamin E

● Beeswax

GeoBlends is concerned about what you put on your skin and what you give to your children, among other things. If you look at the ingredient list of the products that you regularly use, you may find that they include a large number of chemicals absorbed via your skin. 

GeoBlends exclusively uses safe ingredients, is not poisonous, and is not likely to cause long-term issues. The products are meticulously created with you in mind to guarantee that you and your family get the shortest possible relief to your symptoms.

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